Merriam-Webster is adding a new word to the 2016 Dictionary, first coined in 1976!

This is our kids' dictionary. You can tell because it still looks brand new!

Merriam-Webster is adding the word "athleisure" to the 2016 Dictionary. The word was first coined in 1976 in an ad for shoes in the El Paso Herald Post. The ad was for Athleisure Shoes by Dunham. The word is defined as, "casual clothing designed to be worn for both exercise and general use". So, basically gym or fitness clothes you wear everywhere else. Pretty much my wardrobe, and maybe yours too? will be rolling out some new words tomorrow, including "fleek" - which means "flawlessly styled or groomed" - and "yaaas" - "Yes!" Remember, spelling counts, when you type "yaaas" it is spelled with THREE lower case a's. Your texts may be graded on a curve, but why take that chance.

Check out the new lingo we'll all be dropping on each other for 2016 here.