In a few days it will be five years since I made a New Year's resolution to do a Random Acts of Kindness (#rakevery single day. It's the only resolution I've never broken.

My intent initially was to become more selfless but it became so much bigger than that. Some of the inspiration I found along the way is conveyed so eloquently in "The Starfish Story" (see image below)

Credit: unknown
Credit: unknown

I've learned a lot during this process. I learned the depths of humanity and how every single person has a story. I've learned that there are stigmas with kindness - that kindness means weakness or that in order for a random kind act to have merit it must be done anonymously. I've learned to be bold and confront those stigmas. I've learned that kindness is not always the most popular approaches.

I've learned that for every unfortunate tragic incident there's people willing to come out in numbers to help - and be kind. I've learned that those that struggle the most give the most. I've learned that my actions will be what my children will glean and emulate one day. I've learned that it's critically important to infuse as much goodness in the word every single day.

I've learned that no matter the barriers, the struggles, the challenges and the adversity at times - I will continue with this New Years resolution. We're all in this life together and if we can make life easier for someone else, well, that's where you'll find me.

I'll share what my New Years Resolution will be for 2017 on Friday (and I will continue to do this one). What will your resolution be for the New Year? I am excited to hear them. Please share at KROC Facebook page.

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