Losing Danielle Teal was a big loss for us. With her huge heart and fun energy, we are definitely missing her as I'm sure all of you are. With that being said, she left some pretty big shoes to fill. We're thinking maybe, just maybe one of these local celebrities is our missing link.

Maybe Randy Brock is itching to get back into the media world. Perhaps now that Mayor Brede is retiring, he can find time to purse his radio passion. Everyone loves 2nd Street waving guy Joe. Maybe he should fill the radio waves too. It's unlikely, but we could have an off-season jock in Marcus Sherrels. We've all heard him sing, and we would welcome that gorgeous voice on our station any day! Middays with Dr. Elvis anyone? We are stumped! Who do you think should take over the position?


In all seriousness, YOU could be the next midday person here on KROC. If you have the drive, and are interested in trying out, apply here. 

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