While many of us like the taste of cold pizza, I however, would prefer it as hot and fresh from the oven as possible the next day.

Of course, from years and years of experience, this isn't even close to being a possibility by microwave or even your oven. Heck, I've even tried it on my 15 year old Pizzazz and still no such luck.

But I'm finally here to share with you the secret that demonstrates the best method in reheating your beloved pizza! Doing it this way is nearly as fast as the microwave, crispier than the oven, and keeps all your favorite flavors in tact — not to mention perfectly melted cheese. All you need is a pan, a lid, and a few minutes of love and attention on the stovetop.

Just check out the video below and get ready to enjoy your pizza like it was first handed to you:

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