Five Below stores are raising some of their prices and adding some merchandise that won't be under the $5 price like their name states. According to a statement titled "We Owe You an Explanation" on their website, this is the first time their prices have gone above $5 in 17 years.

We’ve always done everything possible to absorb cost increases. Recently, we had to raise prices above $5 on tech items to keep providing the products you love. We’re calling this 'Ten Below Tech.' - Five Below

The tech section isn't the only big change. They've also added a "Ten Below Gift Shop." They say, they "discovered a handful of $6-10 toys and games that we wouldn't want to miss." But the store is called Five Below, is that going to change? No. Since these new sections are just a small portion of the store and the majority of the merchandise remains under $5, they will keep their name.

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