It wasn't their defense. It wasn't the Eagle's offense. And it wasn't on the refs. Here's the real reason why...

Have you seen how much money Minnesota makes when teams AND their fans have to travel out of state for the Super Bowl? Holy crap.

Philly fans will pay close to $2,000 for a non-stop flight to Minneapolis, and no that's not first class! Just to show you how much of an increase that is, if people were to fly to Minneapolis from Philadelphia the following week, it would cost them about $300...

Meanwhile, 2 star hotels in the Bloomington area are charging more than $300 a night, and some are closer to $1,000. There aren't any available rooms for the weekend in Minneapolis.

It's a conspiracy. Minnesota doesn't want the Vikings in the Super Bowl!

I joke. I kid. While this is a LOT of money for our economy, I know that a football game can't be won with the defense (or shall I say lack there of) that showed up last night. Yes, it was a phenomenal year, but the Vikings we watched kick a** all year were not there yesterday.

In true Minnesota fan fashion, there's always next year!

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