The pizza joint credited with coining the term "Minnesota Style Pizza" is expanding.

FYI, “Minnesota Style” is simply a thin-crust pizza that has a bunch of toppings and cheese. The toppings and cheese don't make it a true "Minnesota Style" though. That distinction comes when the pizza is cut into squares. 

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Dave Portnoy is the most famous pizza critic in the world. He's reviewed pizza joints all around the globe including 16 here in Minnesota. See how the Barstool Sports founder rated each pizza restaurant in our state below.

One Bite Pizza Reviews via YouTube
One Bite Pizza Reviews via YouTube

One of the places he visited was Red’s Savoy Pizza which has been proudly serving "Minnesota Style" pies since 1965 and has several locations in the Twin Cities area.

Company president Reed Daniels explained how the term came to be to the Pioneer Press: “We’ve won awards for best Minnesota pizza, but no one really knew what that was, so we claimed it.”

The company brands its locations and has updated its website to claim the title of Minnesota Pizza or 'Sota Style.


Red’s Savoy Pizza Is Expanding

Google Maps
Google Maps

Daniels said in a press release published in Pizza Market Place, "Since coming out of the pandemic, we've noticed that consumers are back to busy lifestyles and value the convenience that ordering pizza offers. We wanted to take that one step further by offering a quick, fresh lunch option."

Red's Savoy's newest restaurant just opened at 19215 Highway 7, Shorewood, Minnesota with a drive-thru lane open for lunch between 11:00 AM and 2:00 PM each day.

Red's has 19 locations in Minnesota with new restaurants being built in Minnetonka, Fargo, and Sioux City, IA.

16 Minnesota Pizza Joints Reviewed by Barstool Sports

Founder of Barstool Sports, Dave Portnoy, isn't just known for his blog, he also has a popular video series called One Bite where he reviews different pizza joints. These are the 16 that he's reviewed in Minnesota in order from lowest to highest rating.

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