The votes are in. Four Daughters has been named the second best winery in the country!

It wasn't long ago that we shared the news of them being highlighted in USA Today as one of the top 20 wineries in the country in USA Today's Reader's Choice Awards. Over the past month, they tallied up the votes, and Four Daughters snagged another top spot on the list. This year, second! In 2017 they scored the #3 spot.

I am a huge fan of Four Daughters Vineyard and Winery. Not only is it gorgeous, but the food is phenomenal, the wine is spot on, and the service is always great. They also have amazing events - Yoga and Wine, Movies in the Vineyard, Kegs and Barrels, plus Canvas and Chardonnay hosts events there throughout the year.

Four Daughters is a short car ride from Rochester - just 40 minutes to Spring Valley. Learn more by following them on Facebook. 

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