A lot of you won't be surprised at this one!

Every parent wants their child to go to the "best" school that they can. At the moment, I'm not a parent, but I can imagine that a warm and secure feeling overcomes them when they realize their child is getting an awesome education! If you're about to be a parent in our area, here's something to consider when it comes to where your child might be going to school.

A quick search of niche.com will reveal the best public high school (along with other "best" types of schools) in Rochester. In an unsurprising display - it names Century High School as best in our area.

Century High School via Facebook
Century High School via Facebook

Any folks from Century agree with this? According to this website, Century scored as "best" for a variety of reasons. 64% percent of Century students are proficient in math, and 67% are proficient in reading.

Furthermore, when it comes to college prep, the teachers, academic scores, sports, and the administration, Century scores "A" grades as per a collection of data. The only "B" grades Century received was for "diversity" and "resources & facilities".


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