Your kiddos have whispered their wants to Santa. Do you know what's on their wish list this year? Have no fear, Santa is here. He has shared the most wished-for items of the 2019 holiday season:

Legos: Legos have always been a crowd favorite. According to Santa, the most asked for sets are the Avengers Compound and Ragana's Magic Shadow Castle to life.

PAW Patrol: Did you know that PAW Patrol has a real-life partnership with the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals? Not only will you make your little super happy when you surprise them with the Ultimate Rescue Fire Truck, but you are also supporting an amazing cause.

L.O.L Surprise! Dolls: Hour after hour of unwrapping surprises, is there anything better? Kiddos are requesting all the surprises from Santa this year - the L.O.L Surprise Bigger Surprise comes with over 60 surprises!

American Girl Dolls: Fun fact, I was named after the American Girl Doll, Samantha. Yep, they've been around for THAT long. They only seem to get more and more popular as the years go by. So, it comes as no surprise that American Girl Dolls are on the list. By the way, this year's Girl of the Year is Blaire Wilson.

Toy trucks: Another classic! You can't go wrong with toy trucks.

Frozen 2 dolls: “With Frozen 2 in theaters just in time for Christmas, Elsa and Anna are back on thousands of wish lists this year."

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