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This car thief in Dakota County chose just about the worst place EVER to try to hide a car he had just stolen!

Sometimes, news stories sound so unbelievable that they HAVE to be true. Because if someone had made a story like this up, no one would believe them!

According to this TwinCities.com story, this is the true tale of alleged Minnesota car thief Alexander John Thompson. He was charged in Dakota County District Court last week with auto theft, along with several other charges. Check out how he was busted:

It seems that Mr. Thompson stole a 2011 Volvo from a home in Lakeville in late January. He then headed south in the stolen car, looking for a place to hide his 'new' ride. He chose the WRONG place. (Well, wrong for him-- but right for the rest of us who know that stealing cars is a crime.)

Apparently, Thompson found a pole shed in a rural part of the county near Lakeville (about an hour northwest of Rochester) where he promptly tried to stash the stolen Volvo. The problem is, the pole shed he picked belongs to a husband and wife-- who are both retired police officers!

TwinCities.com says that the wife, a retired officer who worked for the Prior Lake Police Department, noticed a suspicious person (that'd be our Mr. Thompson) lurking around their pole shed when they were preparing to leave. Her husband-- himself a retired officer who served on the force in New Mexico-- questioned Thompson while his wife went inside to get a pair of handcuffs.

She called the Dakota County Sheriff's office while inside, then went back outside, and along with her husband, put the cuffs on Thompson and waited for deputies to arrive.

"He could have chosen any house," Jeff Leopold, a captain with the Dakota County Sheriff's Office said in the story. "So this was very bad luck (for him.) But good luck for us," Leopold noted.

The story said Thompson is also facing another auto theft charge from an earlier case, and was already wanted on outstanding charges in Wright County. He's due back in court on March 16th.

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