There is nothing worst than your parents forcing you to wear something absolutely ridiculous for Halloween, right? Am I right? So I posed the question to my good friends in the studio and on Facebook. What is the worst costume you ever had to wear for Halloween? Here they are without further ado!

Scotty Matthews mom made him a Go Bots costume. None of us had any idea what that was until we googled and saw it. It's sorta like a Transformer. Well, instead of looking like a Go Bot, he just looked like a silver trash can.

Dunken said he his mom wanted a daughter so bad, she dressed him up as a girl. Val was Esmerelda and I was a scare crow. Seriously. I looked ridiculous. Of course, none of us have pictures or eve want to conjure up photos so that you can use it as blackmail.

However, the good friends of Facebook definitely shared and we all love you for it. So here goes:


  • Incredible Hulk gone wrong?

    One year my sister painted me as the hulk with food coloring and I was green for a month - Uncle Marty

  • Courtesy of Mandy R.
    Courtesy of Mandy R.

    Are you Donald Trump or Phoenix Wright?

    My son  always picks the most obscure character to be - he picked Phoenix Wright - some comic book/computer game Attorney person. So we have to throw together some stuff and try and make it resemble it because it's not a 'in production' kind of costume. The bad thing by the time we got it all put together and his wild looking hair people thought he was Donald Trump! - Mandy


  • Courtesy of Sarah Q.
    Courtesy of Sarah Q.

    How about a parent and child theme?

    I wouldn't say it's horrible, but I find it hysterical. I was a rabbit and my mom was a carrot. - Sarah

  • There is nothing worst than a cow costume.

    I wore a cow costume with plastic udders. Every door that opened while trick or treating laughed hysterically. - Shannon

  • Courtesy of Anna M.
    Courtesy of Anna M.

    I can't see and breathe in my costume.

    1980s plastic costumes you could buy at the store. Plastic suit modeled after favorite cartoon character with plastic face mask with their face. No peripheral vision, sweaty, and you couldn't breathe. Most of us ended up with pictures of us with the mask slide to the top of our head like a hat. - Anna

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