Living and growing up in the midwest, specifically Minnesota there are some things in daily life that we simply take as normal everyday items or happenings. Like having a 'junk drawer' in the house, maybe it's a holder/place for all those plastic (gasp) grocery bags hanging in the closet, or simply devoting a drawer in your refrigerator specifically for cheese. In reality, these are all things that simply make where we live that much more special as we have shared memories or experiences. One Twitter account, Midwestern_Ope, has created an art tweeting things we are all thinking at times or have experienced. Here are 11 that will either make you laugh or simply nod in agreement because we've all been there!

These 10 Midwest Tweets Will Make You Laugh And Nod In Agreement

Here are ten totally midwestern/Minnesota-related tweets that will leave you laughing or nodding your head in agreement.

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