Naming a child can be hard. There's a lot of pressure to find the perfect name. I'm married to a teacher so each name we considered triggered memories of kids she had in the classroom at one point in her career.

Was it easy for you to select a name for your child?

Below you'll see 14 names that were popular at one time in the United States but are now on the verge of becoming extinct according to BabyCenter.

The names that parents are no longer naming their girls include:

1. Bette/Bettie

2. Blanche

3. Erma/Irma

4. Krista

5. Myrtle

6. Olga

7. Rhonda

The boy names that are no longer being used include:

1. Carroll

2. Dick

3. Homer

4. Lowell

5. Roosevelt

6. Rudolph

7. Willard

If you're wondering, the most popular names this year are:



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