We're in the middle of one of two seasons Minnesota sees each year: construction season!

Hey! I get it! When else is anyone going to fix roads, pipes or buildings? We only get so much good weather to do it in!

If you're wondering whether or not the usual re-paving of streets is going to affect you, check out this latest post from Rochester Public Works. They outline what streets are being worked on.

Most of this work begins today. You're not alone if you're wondering about parking either. Rochester Public Works explained, "Parking restrictions are for daytime maintenance activities only – you CAN park in these areas on weekends and after hours. Please give the crews ample room while they are doing this work."

Right now, the 18th St NW construction is affecting my neighborhood, and I can't WAIT until it's done! I've been taking detours to get to my local grocery store and other shops in the area. However, that intersection (where it meets 41st St. NW) is a lot less crowded currently - so keep working Rochester Public Works!

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