There will be no swear words in this post but please don't read it out loud in front of kids.

I was looking for places to eat in Chicago when I stumbled across this article from the Chicago Tribune, Chicago's 10 Best New Burgers of 2021. Then I get to the first recommendation and it's for The Original Shiddy Burg at Shiddy Burgs.

That's right. Someone named their restaurant "Shiddy Burg" and the signature item is the "Shiddy Burg." I think I like these guys.

If you search the internet for Shiddy Burg you might run into some problems finding it. That's because Shiddy Burg is the pop-up offshoot of Big Kids in Logan Square, a sandwich shop that's run by young adults obsessed with 90s cartoons (again, I think I'd like these people.)

So what sets the Shiddy Burg apart from the competition? Here's what the Tribune reporter said about it.

The meat is cooked well past medium, but the trade-off is an irresistible crispy exterior, from the edges to the center. It's served under a bed of shredded lettuce (here called shreddy letty), which only increases the crunch component It's balanced out by a heaping helping of an ultra-creamy sauce, which helps smooth over all the sharp edges.

I. Am. In. And it looks pretty good too.

The only bad thing about Shiddy Burgs is that Uncle Shiddy's Burger Barn (that's what it's called) is only open on Mondays from noon to whenever they sell out or 8PM and it sounds like they don't make it past 5 on most days.

Take a Monday off one of these days and head to the city to try one of the more fascinating burger experiences I've heard in a while.

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