It’s official: I’ve found the worst town in Minnesota. AND IT’S NOT EVEN CLOSE.

Buffalo Bills v New England Patriots
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I hadn’t even heard of Browerville, Minnesota until it was mentioned during the AFC Championship game a few weeks ago when the Patriots (puke) came back to beat the Jaguars (barf) to go to the Super Bowl for the third time in four years (HURRRRRRRL). Apparently, Tom Brady has family roots there, and would often spend summers with his grandparents in what is now officially the Worst Small Town In Minnesota.

That’s because the entire town roots for the Patriots just as hard as they do for the Vikings – often having Patriots viewing parties. All because certain residents remember Brady being a “snot-nosed kid” who would run around town, go fishing, and (probably) deflate footballs when no one else was looking. I’m sure the entire town has been having a blast watching the Patriots win all the time for the past 18 years. Good for you!!

…Is it possible for the Patriots to lose on Sunday while simultaneously having Eagles fans not be happy?

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