Mother Nature is playing a cruel trick on us. We think spring is finally here and then she's about to dump a snowstorm on us... But let's focus on the fact that spring will be back!

I asked on Facebook last week for area restaurants with the best patio seating. Stash this list away for after the snowstorm passes!

Jess and Kevy said Wild Bills has the best patio in town.

Four Daughters is Rachel and Morgan's pick.

According to Melissa and Terry, it's Forager.

Hollie, Vonnie, and Noelle say Five West has the best patio.

A handful of people like Tracy and Bailey say Twigs (Bailey mentions that around the fire pit is the best!).

Alicia, Jessa, and many others say Chester's.

And the top spot, with the most votes on our Facebook page, goes to Whistle Binkies! Jill, Brian, and Cameo specified that they like Whistle Binkies On the Lake. Tia says both the North and South locations have great outdoor seating!

I also want to make sure we get an honorary mention in for Hot Chip. Stephanie says that they have the best patio because she can bring her dog there. There ya go dog lovers, the perfect spot for you and your furry friend!


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