Our receptionist dropped a white package off as Samm and I were wrapping up our show this morning. She said it was for me but wasn't sure what it was. I get a lot of junk mail, but I don't usually get packages, so I was a little confused and very curious.

I picked it up and shook it. Because that's what all mature adults do when they get a package, right?! It was heavy and it wasn't a box - it was a cooler.

So, I opened the cooler and inside... was a 6 pack. But not like a 6 pack of Miller Lite (Miller Lite, if you're reading this - feel free to send as many 6 packs as you'd like.)

It was a 6 pack of milk, from my friends at Kemp's here in Rochester, and it wasn't normal milk, it was purple with a vanilla flavor. Tried it - it was delicious.

If you're a football fan, you know that Minnesota is on a roll. The new "Purple Power" Milk is Kemp's way of celebrating their postseason run. If you're going to host a party to watch any of the playoff games - this would be fun to have on hand for kids.


It's made here in Rochester and available for a limited time at stores like HyVee and Target.


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