I spent days Googling "can I get Zika Virus in Mexico?" I had questions galore after getting a blood test back from my life insurance company. How do I avoid diabetes even though it runs in my family? WebMD is NOT the answer, this health fair is. Get all the answers with no cost to you!

The fair aims to promote wellness by encouraging healthy behaviors and by opening people's eyes to the risks that are out there, and how they can be avoided. The Winona State University RN-BSN nursing students will be on hand to answer all your questions. Help them help you! They've spent years studying, and they are ready to take on your questions and concerns.

So what health topics will be covered?

Mental health, gun violence, prescription drug overdose, travel safety, sexual health, reproductive health, health care reform and more.

When: April 4th

Time: 9am-1pm

Where: RCTC Heintz Center

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