Image Credit: Reddit User bschn100
Image Credit: Reddit User bschn100

Imagine walking with your kids down the Kool-Aid/Lemonade aisle and all of a sudden they see this sign. They turn to you and ask if it's true that lemonade is now illegal to have and they could go to jail if they have some. Kind of an awkward spot to be in, but a good life lesson in advertising. The lemonade maker Country Time has put these up across the US in an effort to legalize lemonade stands that kids run during the summer months. 

I found this sign on Reddit last night, it was posted by Reddit user bschn100 under a post stating that he found this sign in his local grocery store. If you read the sign all the way to the bottom it takes you to a website that is offering to cover any legal costs that are suffered from any fines (up to $300) for running an illegal lemonade stand in 2017 or 2018, or have had to get a permit.

There was a bill introduced in the Senate at the beginning of the legislative session that would make lemonade stands legal and waive the permit for operating them, but it doesn't appear that it got passed from what I can tell.

Because, according to their slogan, "when life gives you arcane laws, make lemonade."



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