Minnesota has changed a ton in 160 years. Towns get bigger, some get smaller, cities expand. But there's one small village in Southeastern Minnesota that hasn't changed in that 160 years, and that's Frontenac Village.

Frontenac was founded 160 years ago and not much has changed, including the population. Around 200 people have always lived there in 85 homes. Sometimes new homes are developed but there's actually a rule about new homes: they have to have similar siding and roofing as the homes around it.

Developer John Rupp loves Frontenac and told WCCO that “'There isn’t anything like this where you find a romantic, European, French country house in southeastern Minnesota. There’s essentially no towns like this where you feel like you are on the New England Coast.'”

Frontenac Village is between Lake Pepin and Frontenac State Park.


Source: WCCO


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