106.9 KROC and Pepsi have teamed up to help you buy cool stuff! Pepsi Stuff Points are back, which means every time you buy a Pepsi, you earn points that can be used to purchase cool stuff. We've also got cold-hard cash to help you buy A LOT of cool stuff!

Scotty Matthews is going to be hanging at the HyVee on West Circle Drive from noon-1p on Thursday. Stop by, show him the 106.9 KROC ,app on your phone and you could $1000! You need our app to win - Download it here!

You could pay off some debt or plan a spring break vacation with a thousand bucks! Spend it on whatever you want when you win it. Download our app now and stop by HyVee on Thursday to get rich with Pepsi and 106.9 KROC!


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