It's mushroom hunting season! One of our co-workers hit the jackpot and picked a bucket full (pictured above) yesterday. Morel mushrooms are gold in Southeast Minnesota. Restaurants and stores have been known to pay $20-$40 per pound!

The best time to hunt is usually late-March through May. Morels grow best when the daytime temps are in the low- to mid-60s and nighttime temps hover around 40.

This Field and Stream article has a lot of great information for beginners. They say morels grow around the edge of forested areas, and specifically around ash, aspen, elm, and oak trees. Outdoor Life offers 12 tips, including focusing on well-drained areas that receive plenty of rainfall, but aren't flooded.

Check out some more tips on morel hunting in the video below:

Morel Mushrooms - Tips and observations - Wild Edibles Series

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Good luck, and happy hunting!

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