Restaurants across Minnesota have been serving to-go food orders only during the ongoing coronavirus outbreak, but could you soon get a few drinks to go with your order too?

You just might be, if a proposal by a Lakeville state lawmaker gets the green light by the Minnesota Legislature. According to this CBS-Minnesota story, the proposal would allow restaurants to sell a limited amount of beer or wine for take-out, along with their existing to-go food orders. The proposal would limit the sales to "2 bottles of wine or 12, 12-ounce cans of beer or the equivalent,” Rep. Jon Koznik said in the story. And, the story said alcohol would have to be in properly sealed containers.

(Which means you won't just be able to be sippin' on your favorite beer or wine while you walk down the street here in Minnesota. Which would be a little tough to do, anyway, if we're all wearing those masks we're urged to wear when out in public right now.)

Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz said earlier this week that he supports the 'booze to-go' proposal and said he'd sign the bill into law if legislators pass it-- which could happen as soon as Tuesday afternoon, the story said.

I'm totally in favor of this proposal. I can't imagine how tough it must be for local restaurants to try to keep the doors open while only selling take-out, as mandated in the Stay-At-Home executive order. One friend of ours, whose husband does some maintenance for one area bar and restaurant, said that sales in their restaurant here in southeast Minnesota are off nearly 90-percent these days.

If this proposal could help make up some of the difference, I'm all for it-- and will do my part to order a beer or two to go with my next take-out food order!

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