The top rankings have come in on the site. They assess 2,000 cities that range in populations between 20,000 to 350,000. Using these categories to compile a "LivScore" of more than 40 data points grouped together that helped set the bar for ranking:

  • Economics
  • Housing
  • Amenities
  • Infrastructure
  • Demographics
  • Social and civil capital
  • Education
  • Health care

Vying for first place Iowa City, IA came in second and Ann Arbor, Michigan came in third. Rochester, Minnesota landed the top spot for the 2017 Top 100 Best Places To Live. Congrats on being number ONE, Rochester!

Livability uses an extensive methodology that is the result of months long process consisting of research, data collection, cleaning and analysis. Their advisory board helps provide input of metrics and ways to measure the data from experts. 2,000 American adults were surveyed on what really matters to them in creating the best place to live. After that lots of sources were used and voila, the ranking began!




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