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Did that next stimulus check hit your bank account yet?  FYI - If you aren't sure when the money is going to be showing up for your household, click here to get the inside scoop.  But, once that money shows up, what are you planning on spending it on?  A bunch of midwesterners in Minnesota, Iowa, and Wisconsin answered that question and below you can see the top 12 ways people are spending their extra cash.

Top 12 Ways People are Spending Their Stimulus Check

For some people in Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin, the third stimulus check has already been deposited in the bank. So, what ARE people doing with the extra cash? Below are the top 12 responses from those living in the midwest.

So, what are YOU doing with the extra cash?  Is it one of the picks above or are you going to just hold on to it in your savings account for a bit?  I'd love to hear your plan.  You can find all of my contact info here.

Now, if you are planning on getting another spatula, potato peeler, or maybe another pair of black yoga pants (women, I'm talking to you!...and I'm guilty of it too), just hold off on adding those items to your cart.  Those are on the list of items we have duplicates of that you probably don't need more of.  See that full list below and how many duplicates you probably have at your house.

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Not sure why, but people in Minnesota and Wisconsin have more than one of these 15 items.

If you walk through a house in Minnesota, Wisconsin, or Iowa, there is a very good chance that you will see some items more than once. Yes, we are talking about those duplicates that we have that we aren't always sure why...but we just have a tough time getting rid of the extras.

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