School is officially out for summer. Whether you're going to be a freshman in college this year, you're returning for your 2nd, 3rd or last year of school, or you're just researching where you may go in the future, this is a great list for you. Here are the best schools in Minnesota. 

Sadly, my college is just a memory now. I went to Brown College, which used to be the cool place to go for radio people (expensive, but cool). A very hands on school with classes taught by people that had experience. I loved it. Now, it's just an online thing, which is totally not the same.

As for this list, the number one answer is really not all that surprising. Let's count down the top 5:


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    University of Minnesota Morris

    Just a small university in the heart of Morris. The school has just shy of 2,000 people enrolled there, keeping the classes at around 15 people. According to the focus report though, while they are small, they are fierce - with 90 student organizations and a solid intramural program.

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    Winona State University

    Rochester location included!

    The two locations have a combined 65 undergrad programs. I have many friends that have went to WSU, and have never heard a complaint.

    According to Focus Report, "they are very dedicated to the environment so they offer activities that reduce the campus’s ecological footprint."

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    University of Minnesota Mankato

    It is the second-largest public school in the state. It is named as one of the best campuses for LGBT students. More than 130 undergraduate programs are offered every year.

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    Carleton College in Northfield

    If you're looking for a small school, apparently Carleton is where it's at. They have an extremely low nine to one student to faculty ratio. This school is also known for giving quality education and offering a strong financial aid that makes it one of the most affordable colleges in Minnesota.

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    University of Minnesota Twin Cities

    It's the 5th largest university in the U.S. A huge campus = lots of people and big opportunities. They also have a great faculty according to focus report.

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