As Minnesotans, we can be very passionate about certain things. I'm sure you can think of one right off the top of your head. So I decided to build a list of Minnesota things that we're so passionate about we'll fight someone over it.

I asked on our Facebook page what Minnesota thing you'd fight someone over, so some of those are on this list. I also came up with some of my own. Let's see if you agree!

10 Things that Minnesotans Will Fight You Over


Mosquitos are the State Bird

Even though the mosquitos didn't seem that bad this year, they're the bane of our existence as Minnesotans.

A vector illustration of happy kids playing duck duck goose in a park

Duck, Duck, Grey Duck

Don't even think about saying the G-word around Minnesotans.

Lane Ends Merge Sign
Garrett Aitken

Zipper Merging

As Minnesotans, we REFUSE to learn how to zipper merge properly. That would just be ridiculous.

attachment-soda making a comeback
Justin Sullivan, Getty Images

Pop, Not Soda

It's pop, and don't forget it.

Minnesota State Fair
Minnesota State Fair, Sunday August 27, 2023 (Aaron Galloway/Townsquare Media)

Minnesota State Fair is Better than the Texas State Fair

Even though the Texas State Fair is technically the number one fair in the country we all agree that the Minnesota State Fair is way better.

Sam's Club
Sam's Club

Top the Tater is Amazing

Top the Tater + Ruffles = heaven

Jessica Williams
Jessica Williams

Caribou is Better than Starbucks

Starbucks, I still love you, but as a Minnesotan, my commitment to Caribou is going nowhere.

Fighting against the wind

It Wouldn't Be so Bad if it Wasn't for the Wind

True story.

Homemade Tater Tot Hotdish Casserole
Getty Images/iStockphoto

It's Hotdish, Not a Casserole

Don't even try. Also, it's not a hotdish if there aren't tater tots on it.

Oakland Raiders v Minnesota Vikings
Photo by Adam Bettcher/Getty Images

Minnesota Vikings

No matter how many times they break our hearts, we keep coming back every year.

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