I feel like I need to test this out and see if the claims are true but also I'm not so sure...

According to a study done by Mattress Advisor, two-thirds of millennials like to... sleep in the nude! Men are much more likely to sleep naked than women, and couples are more likely to sleep naked than single people.

The study also interestingly showed that people who sleep naked tend to get better sleep than those who sleep in PJs. This would be the reason I would want to test this out because the possibility of getting better sleep intrigues me! But also what if there's an emergency and your robe isn't near-by (or you don't have a robe!) and you have to run outside BUTT NAKED! No thanks!

Now to get to the title of this blog, I would say that we should all give this a shot, especially if it could provide us with better sleep, but wouldn't it be incredibly awkward (and possibly horrifying for your child) if your kid walked in on both of their parents sleeping naked?

Yeah, they probably walk in on you going to the bathroom, taking a shower, changing, but I feel like this would different.

Tell me if I'm wrong! I'm not a parent, so if you think it wouldn't be an issue for your kid to walk in on you sleeping naked, let me know!




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