Film crews have been spotted around Clear Lake and Mason City filming a television show called "Strong Tower" which is about a widow who comes back to her hometown to open a brewhouse. The Clear Lake Chamber of Commerce confirmed the news on Facebook with a post that explained: "Renovo Media Group (operating within the new Kingland production facility) is filming a television show in North Iowa throughout the next 2 weeks! Very exciting for our region. And don't worry! The signs on Skip's Kicks and Starboard Market are only temporary."
Skip's Kicks, Starboard Market, and several other small businesses in those communities are being used as the backdrop for the show so don't be alarmed if any of them are closed for a short period of time.

Doug Tooke, producer and vice president of Renovo Media Group told KAAL-TV, "When we conceived the idea of the series, we very much conceived it with the local look in mind to celebrate the beauty of this rural narrative and also to the people of this town and this part of Iowa. So it all kind of came together with the writing and we're able to celebrate just the hospitality of the town."

The crew is filming one episode and hoping the show gets picked up by a network or streaming service.

A very popular show is returning to Minnesota this summer and they're looking for collectors to feature. The American Pickers from the History Channel will travel to the land of 10,000 lakes in July hoping to find treasure. Find out how to get on the show here.

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