How boring and unoriginal...

I'd like to start off by saying that I'm just trying to get you cheese-heads going a bit because I'm seriously ready for football to be here... that and training camps start next week! So there's that... and now there's this:

I'd like to introduce to you U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin. I don't know her, nor do I condemn her choice of favorite NFL team. She's from the land of cheese, so it makes sense she would try to garner votes on this from her fellow Sconnies by introducing such a lame act - But c'mon, Tammy! Are you serious with this name right now?

On Wednesday she launched the Go Pack Go Act, which would make sure all cheese-heads, no matter where they live across their state, can watch Green Bay Packers game broadcasts.

Per the video seen above, Senator Baldwin says: “Every Packers fan across our state should be able to watch Packers games. My Go Pack Go Act would give Packers fans in every Wisconsin county the opportunity to watch Packers games and cheer on our beloved green and gold.”

Some counties that border rival states, such as Vikings Country, have been placed in an out-of-state market and their residents receive out-of-state TV broadcasts as a result - meaning about a dozen or so counties are "forced" to watch Vikings games instead of their beloved Packers.


Let me just say you're not "forced" to do anything. If you're truly a die-hard fan, which I know many of you are with those silly certificates you proudly display on your office wall or your man cave showing your "stake" in the team, then you need to quit crying right now and just pay up to see your favorite squad like the rest of the country. NFL Sunday Ticket is right there for the taking, so you're just gonna have to bite the bullet and do it.

Perhaps Tammy and the rest of you Packers fans are just upset to see the Vikings win our division the past couple seasons and don't want your noses rubbed in it anymore?

Anyways... if you're suffering from Skol Nation and would like more information about Senator Baldwin’s Go Pack Go Act, CLICK HERE.

By the way - Is it football season yet?!

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