The day you showed up in the world deserves to be celebrated!  I'm not the only one who thinks this either.  A gigantic list of businesses want to celebrate your big day too and below are a bunch of freebies waiting for you on your birthday.

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Gigantic List of Free Stuff You Can Score in Minnesota on Your Birthday!

We just wrapped up a week of celebrations at my house.  I have three kids and two of them were born just a day apart.  We had quite a few years where they shared a cake but it only worked for a few years...Barbie and Thomas The Train weren't sharing the space well on that frosted delight.

I'm not sure when your birthday is but I do know that you have one.  Birthdays are one thing that we all have in common and quite a few of us have them on the same day.  No matter when your trip around the sun happens, keep this list handy because there are a ton of freebies that you can grab at places throughout Minnesota, including in Rochester, that want to say "Happy Birthday" and celebrate you!

Places in Rochester with Free Stuff for you on your Birthday

It's your BIG day and although you may not always want to celebrate adding another number to your age, there are several places in Rochester and throughout Minnesota that do want to celebrate your big day. Check out the list and start making a plan to visit all of these on your next birthday.

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