Forever chemicals, also known as PFAs, are routinely found in public water systems. The EPA has drinking water standards that have allowable standards for PFAs in water systems, and 17 communities, a veteran's home, and 4 mobile home parks have exceeded those allowable limits.

PFAs stand for Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances are human-made chemicals that are used in products like carpets, stain-resistant clothing, cosmetics, and firefighting foam. They are called forever chemicals because they don't naturally break down.

The Minnesota Department of Health has identified those public water systems that need to remove and monitor PFAS levels.

Communities with PFAS levels above new EPA standards:

Battle Lake

Brooklyn Park

Pine City


South St. Paul





Lake Elmo



Sauk Rapids



Waite Park


Additional water systems with PFAS levels above new EPA standards.

Minnesota Veterans Home in Hasting

Mobile Home Parks


Lake Elmo




They have 5 years to address the PFAS issue and remove the chemicals.

Those municipalities will have 5 years to address and remove the chemicals from the water systems. According to MPR News, some of the east Twin Cities metro cities are getting financial help after the State of Minnesota settled with 3M. 3M produced the chemicals for decades and paid the state $850 million in the settlement.

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PFAS Linked To Cancer

Forever chemicals have been linked to liver problems, kidney problems, and cancer. They were banned last year for non-essential uses.

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