Unfortunately people shoplift and because of this, places take measures to assure that it stops. At one St. Cloud Walmart, that even includes socks and underwear...

This is something you would normally see with high value products and electronics but not at the Walmart in St. Cloud found at 3601 2nd. St. S.. According to Bring Me The News, these products have been this way for three months! A Walmart spokesperson told BMTN that, "each store has a theft threshold for specific products, and if a threshold is reached, the store will take measures to curtail shoplifting."

Walmart will continue to explore additional ways to protect its merchandise, keep prices low and keep product in stock for the millions of customers it serves each week.

According to a 2016 Business Insiders reports, theft cost Walmart billions of dollars in shrink and write offs. Earlier this month, St. Cloud was ranked 9th on the List of Top 10 Worst Places to Live, high theft and crime rate being a factor.

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