I didn't even know a birth control vending machine existed, but apparently, you can find them in several colleges across the country. Now, students at the University of Minnesota want one.

self service pharmaceutical distributor In front of a downtown pharmacy
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The vending machines are loaded with not only contraceptives but also the Plan B pill aka the morning after pill. A vending machine at the University of California campus also has pregnancy tests. According to CBS, The U’s student association is pushing the proposal, because the student health services isn’t always open when it’s needed.

According to ABC, colleges that have been using the vending machines since 2012, the machine dispenses between 350 and 400 doses of Plan B every year.

The University of Minnesota released a statement, saying, “This is a student-led proposal from the Minnesota Student Association that was brought to the University for consideration. Discussions are preliminary and no decisions have been made.”

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