Which side of the pond are you on with this debate?


For years the NFL, or "No Fun League" as some fans put it, discouraged and sometimes punished players for premeditated celebrations.

Many players would use cellphones, eat popcorn, and even stash sharpies in their socks to sign footballs after scoring a touchdown.

Well finally this year, the league loosened its grip and have allowed players to once again celebrate (within reason) after they reach the end-zone... which brings me to last night's game.

A unique but hilarious touchdown celebration by the Vikings led to a fun debate on social media, but not about football.

After Vikings tight end Kyle Rudolph grabbed a 3rd quarter touchdown against the Bears, he then signaled to several teammates to sit down and play an impromptu game of "duck, duck, gray duck."

I'm from Minnesota, so it'll always be duck, duck, gray duck! Only because you can deceive people with red duck, purple duck, yellow duck, and then when you say 'gray duck,' then people gotta chase you!

In a debate that will no doubt rage on forever, where do you stand?

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