I was walking along the skyway in the UMR galleria when I came upon some red kettle bell ringers, Devin and Bryan from Broadway Plaza. Curious as to what made them volunteer, I went over to ask them a few questions.

Devin shared that Broadway Plaza supports giving back to the community through their program "Adoba Cares". Devin and Bryan both said that their company supports their employee’s involvement in volunteerism. Bryan went on to add that he "thinks it's amazing. This organization is around many different stores and it goes a long way" (I love hearing how companies support volunteerism!)

I asked Devin why she signed up to volunteer and if she felt it made a difference standing at the red kettle. She nodded and smiled. She said it does "Make a difference because they're coming here while we're ringing."

I shared that the proceeds stay local and it helps those in our community that needs help. Devin said "[I] Think it's great, I'm a single mom. I get it."

Bryan joined in "I think it's important that during this time of the season it's important to give back to people in need."

Asked if they felt the bell ringing helped or inhibited donations and both agreed that it brings attention and people come right up to donate.

Devin went on to add "A lot people donated in the hour we were here. It helps."

Thank you Devin and Bryan for volunteering! It was so nice to see your smiles and kindness at the red kettle.

Danielle Tea;/TSM
Danielle Teal/TSM

Are you wondering how you can give back to the community? Please consider volunteering for the Red Kettle Campaign. Lots of volunteers are needed and it really does help having folks stand at the kettles to ring the bell.

The annual Salvation Army tradition, has more than 8,000 bell ringing hours to fill with volunteers each year. Volunteers are the difference between an empty kettle and one that raises about $30 per hour – enough to provide a family with two bags of groceries. Outdoor and indoor locations are available. The Bell Ringing Calendar is currently open to the public. Call 507-288-3663 to volunteer to ring the bells or sign up online for a bell ringing shift.

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