Another school year is close to wrapping up, so what better way to show off your school pride than giving some love to your local mascots?

Go Bluejays! That was my high school mascot.

I grew up in a small south central Minnesota town called Truman, population 1,100 (give or take). As you can probably imagine, we weren't a large school. So, for athletics we would pair with a neighboring high school, the Madelia Blackhawks, for some sports and for those occasions we would combine our two mascots and be called the Jayhawks. Clever, huh?

But getting back to the task at hand, I'd like to know who has the best mascot around here?

That’s up to you to decide!

Vote for your high school’s mascot as being the BEST in southeast Minnesota! You can vote once per day, per device! Cast your vote, and then share the poll with EVERYONE you know!

Score one for the home team!

We’ll reveal the winner on Monday, May 1st... Good luck to your school!

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