Secrets secrets are no fun...

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So as I'm scrolling through the vast regions of the interwebs this morning, I stumbled upon something worth passing along... did you know Netflix has a TON of secret movie categories!?

Like something out of my old-school Nintendo game cheat-code books, in order to hack them, you need to copy and paste this link in your internet browser in order to access each categories "CODENUMBER":

Once you're there, you need to sign in with your credentials. After that, type in this list of code numbers as follows:

10118 — Comic Book and Superhero Movies

10702 — Spy Action and Adventure

11146 — Anime Fantasy

26 — Mockumentaries

10944 — Cult Horror Movies

1159 — Travel and Adventure Documentaries

6384 — Tearjerkers

29764 — Art House Movies

8646 — Slasher and Serial Killer Movies

75405 — Zombie Horror Movies

36103 — Quirky Romance

972 — Steamy Thrillers

1164 — British Crime Dramas Based on Books

2077 — Witty Independent Movies

502 — Gritty Political Thrillers

394 — Critically-Acclaimed Coming-of-Age Movies

Hopefully this will help you the next time you are hunting on Netflix for the perfect movie!

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