The Better Business Bureau of Minnesota is warning people shopping online for vehicles, boats, farm equipment and more to be on the lookout for these scams. Since late March, hundreds of people have contacted the BBB about scam-like listings on free websites primarily on Craigslist but also other sites like Auto Trader.

  • Listings that were in the "too-good-to-be-true price range"
  • Bogus sellers
  • The seller suggesting using a third party to handle the transaction.
  • The sellers tell the buyers they are using a shipper to handle escrow and transportation of the vehicle to the potential buyer.

According to the press release, people that have gone ahead and completed transactions with sellers in these situations say they did not receive the vehicles nor a refund of their money.

**There are two sellers (Yellow Shippers and Bismark Shippers) that are believed to be involved in a nationwide scheme. Both websites claim to have physical addresses in North Dakota. The BBB believes the sellers and shippers are both fraudulent.

If you've been part of a scam and lost money, contact your local police department and report the scam with the BBB.

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