The news broke that Waste Management would be buying yet again, another garbage company. This time a much larger company. It wasn't long ago that the small local company, Garbage Man was purchased by them, sending many Rochester residents into a frenzy. I was one of those Garbage Man customers that was involuntarily handed over to Waste Management. While I'll admit, they had some growing pains, I wasn't completely unimpressed with their service like I've heard (and still hear) on a very regular basis by others.

If the Waste Management takeover of Advanced Disposal happens, Rochester residents would be left with just two options - them or Sunshine Sanitation. Although their press release says the purchase was immediate, it doesn't sound like it's a done deal, at least not in this area.

I reached out to the local Waste Management and Advanced Disposal offices. Advanced Disposal told me negotiations are in progress, but they won't know for sure until the beginning of 2020. Waste Management also said they wouldn't have any additional information until then.

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