I'm not so sure I would want to move to this house right now with winter and everything. Moving would be a struggle! But how cool would it be to say your house is one of the northernmost homes in Minnesota! Also, if it's one of the northernmost in Minnesota that means it's one of the northernmost in the entire continental US!

This home is listed as a cabin so I suppose it could either be your full-time home or just a summer spot! Oh, and it's affordable and on an island! What?!

It's a small home, 1,072 sqft, with 3 beds and 1 bath. It's nothing super excited, it looks very cabin-y but the view in the summer would be amazing! It's on 5.5 acres with shoreline along the west and south sides of the island. And if you're worried about getting back to the mainland, no worries, it's only a mile away from a mainland boat access. And just because it's way up in northern Minnesota doesn't mean there are no "basics." The home/cabin has internet, phone, and electricity.

Check out some pictures from the listing:

And to prove to you that this home/cabin is one of the northernmost homes:

Credit: Google Maps

So the circle is where the house for sale is and the arrow is where the actual northernmost home in Minnesota is located so this home is really close to being the furthest north!

Credit: Google Maps

And here's proof that the island is the northernmost point with homes. The circle is where the island is and the arrow is the northernmost point in the entire state but there are no homes out that far, just trees.


Check out the listing HERE!


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