Never one to turn down sweets, I had to run to the nearest Cinnabon and try them!

Ever since the cronut was invented, people have been trying to make the next great baked good... and let me tell you, this has some strong potential.

Last Friday, I'd read about Cinnabon releasing some new crazy concoction this week called a Cookie BonBite. Available for a limited time, they're basically a chocolate chip cookie that are stuffed with cinnamon rolls.

Sounds delicious don't they?! Yep, I had to investigate...

So since yesterday was National Cookie Day, I grabbed my office-mate and partner-in-crime, Val from Quick Country 96.5 and we ran down the street to check them out firsthand.

Here's our quick review of the new Cookie BonBite:

All in all we gave them four out of five stars. When they ask you if you want frosting with them, you say YES.

Cookies go great with coffee, so be sure and check out Rochester's newest coffee shop, Lumen Coffee!

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