I caught a cold and have been miserable the last few days. Of course, it prompted me to start Googling so I could self-diagnose myself and figure out some home remedies that actually work. My nostril-relieving quest brought me to some really weird cold remedy ideas I had to share with you all! Here they are but if you do any of these, do them at your own risk (there's our disclaimer).




  1. Wear cold wet socks. Anyone want to give this a try in the frigid temps?
  2. Eat chocolate. Lots of it. I have no problem with this one....
  3. Raw onions. You read that right. Here's how to eat them for a cold. Don't be smoochin' anyone afterwards. Well, you really shouldn't be with a cold anyways.
  4. Sip on warm apple juice. Hey, it may feel reminiscent to apple cider.
  5. Drink some whiskey and go for a run. Old wives tale but apparently this doc says the whiskey works! We threw in the running for good measure.

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