Rochester, Minnesota and Rochester, New York are compared to each other all the time. They're also confused a lot which can get really annoying being a Rochester, Minnesota resident. But because we're always comparing the two, I wanted to know what $1.5 million can get you in both Rochesters.

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So I found a home in Rochester, Minnesota going for $1,590,000 and one in Rochester, New York going for $1,500,000. Before you keep scrolling guess which house you think is going to be better ... Ok let's compare!

What $1.5 Million Gets You in Rochester, Minnesota vs. Rochester, New York

People always confuse Rochester, Minnesota and Rochester, New York and we're also compared to each other a lot. So I wanted to know if there's a difference between a $1.5 million home in our Rochester vs. the other Rochester. Are they similar? Does one offer more than the other?

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This home that was recently for sale in Racine, Wisconsin has an insane backyard. It just a cliff drop-off! There are beautiful views of Lake Michigan but the backyard is a little scary.

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