If you've been downtown lately, you may have noticed these signs. I'm not going to lie, we all assumed a new Chinese restaurant. We were so far off. So what is it? It is now an incredibly beautiful place for you to work. And by work, I mean do YOUR work. It houses several offices and more for local entrepreneurs.

China Hall

"Today, we are proud to offer a creative space for entrepreneurs and business professionals to work together or independently with a kitchenette, common room and a grand conference room facing historic 1st Ave. in the heart of downtown Rochester." - Bucky Beeman

Take a peek inside the Offices @ China Hall!

According to the Offices @ China Hall's website, the Stebbins building 1917 was the site of China Hall in the early 1900’s that sold China dinnerware to local restaurants, hotels, and doctors. Later the second story of the building was turned into offices and a beauty salon. The space remained vacant since the 1950’s until Peter Andrews and Bucky Beeman decided to remodel the building with the assistance of the building owner in 2018.


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