Super Bowl parties and the food that goes along with must be on our minds lately because Google is blowing up with recipe searches.  I am not surprised at all with the recipe we are searching most this week in Minnesota.

What is Minnesota cooking this week?  I am sure we all have our favorite go-to recipe for this classic dish but we must be looking for ways to impress.  Chili is taking the lead as Minnesota's most searched recipe this week according to  We aren't that odd though because Wisconsin, New York, Texas and Missouri are searching the same thing.

Watch out Minnesotans because it looks as if Arkansas is a bit more daring than us with their "Five Bean Chili" searches on Google.  I'm not sure that I want to visit that state this week either.  ;)

I grew up in Iowa and I will say, their top search was not anything I've ever had while I lived there; stromboli.  Anyone else in Iowa grow up eating this or are they just more cultured now than I remember?

Now the bigger question really you have cornbread or cinnamon rolls with your chili?

You might be looking for a few good food places and I know a good restaurant in town where you can save 10% at lunch.  If you want good food and to save some coin, check out this story:  Secret Phrase To Say at a Rochester Restaurant

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