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When we get together with friends and family to play cards, which game do we play the most here in Minnesota?

Ah, playing cards. There’s nothing that creates enemies, forges some unlikely friendships or alliances, and brings out the competitive side in all of us quite like a card game, right?

But just WHICH card game is most popular here in the Land of 10,000 Lakes? That's the question the number-crunchers over at Spilsbury, a toy and game company, set to answer with this recent survey that determined just which card game was most popular not just here in Minnesota, but in all 50 states.

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In order to determine the most popular card games across the country, Spilsbury analyzed Google Trends for 26 of the top card games from November 2020 through November 2021. They then compared the stats for each card game across states to uncover the top searched card game in every U.S. state and region.

So when we deal a hand of cards here in the North Star State, which game are we most often playing? Well, according to the survey, that would be... Bridge. That's right, Bridge came in as Minnesota's most popular card game in the survey.

I'm a little surprised by those results; I thought maybe Texas Hold 'Em (Poker) might take the top spot here. Or maybe Cribbage. Then again, I'm not much of a card player, so what do I know?

Here are some other interesting results from the survey:

  • Overall, the most popular card game in the US is Spades, ranking #1 for search volume in 11 states including Georgia, Alabama, and North Carolina.

  • At #2, Texas Hold ‘Em won a total of 5 states, followed by Old Maid and War.

  • Texas Hold ‘Em won over the West, Spades took the South, Spoons won the Midwest, and Old Maid ranked #1 in the Northeast.

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