Ok, let's check the wedding countdown quick! ... We're only 37 days away from the wedding! Oh my gosh!

So since the wedding is so close our RSVP deadline is also very close. The deadline we requested is next Wednesday. It feels like we've had quite a few people RSVP but then I look at the numbers. We invited 247 people (yep, big wedding!). So far, if I did my math right, we've had 106 people RSVP. So we're still missing 141 RSVPs! And the deadline is a week from today! Ugh!

That brings me to my question for this week's Wedding Wednesday: How early is too early to bother people for RSVPs?

Would it be a little annoying to start bugging people this weekend? I'll wait until after Thanksgiving, I'm not crazy! Or should I wait and see what happens leading up to the RSVP deadline? Or! I could let the RSVP date pass, wait a couple days, then bother people. Give them a little extra time in case they forget (oh, for reference our RSVPs are all online).

Now let's take a look at what you picked for my hair to look like on the big day!

You liked...

Beautiful young bride in luxury wedding dress
Credit: Getty Images

this one! This style won by a landslide and, I mean, I can see why. It's really pretty! I'm so excited!


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